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The National Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference is coming to Oakland!

What can present-day Black and Brown farmers and urban gardeners take from the lessons of our elders and how can these lessons provide inspiration and know-how for future generations?

October 15 -18, 2015 – Laney College, 900 Fallon St, Oakland CA

Attendees explore issues of race, class, commerce, health, nutrition and growing and production techniques through panel discussions, workshops, cultural presentations and action plans. Resources are exchanged. Ideas are pollinated.

Solutions are born. We will explore the past, connect to the present, and visualize action plans for the future.

**Please submit your proposal by JUNE 1, 2015. If you have
questions, send to e-mail**

Find the link to the Workshop Proposal Guidelines and Webform HERE!

The PDF Guidelines and the Web form for submission may be found at


The Chef and The Revolutionary!

ANV’s 1st Annual Summer Mixer & Farm Benefit!

Farm Benefit- Mixer

On June 14th, 2015, ANV will host its 1st Annual Summer Mixer & Farm Benefit at Kingston 11 in Oakland! The event will feature a 5 course dinner by chef to the stars, Tarik Abdullah, and special guest Elaine Brown, former chairwoman of the Black Panther Party. There will also be live music, wine, and a silent auction. All proceeds will benefit Campership at Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project!

What is a “Campership”?

A Campership is a scholarship for Acta Non Verba’s camp! ANV offers a camp during the summer that provides fun, hands-on health education that inspires campers to explore nature and find empowerment through outdoor education. During our 8-week summer camp, not only do we provide outdoor education on our quarter acre farm; we also take two overnight camping trips visiting local farms and regional parks! Since our founding in 2010, Camp ANV has inspired over 3,500 local, at-risk youth and families to focus on nutrition, sustainable living, and physical activities that promote wellness. Help us send more kids to camp buy purchasing an event ticket or donating!

About the special guests:

Tarik Abdullah is a Seattle based chef to the stars and TV Personality whose food is inspired by North African, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Caribbean flavors.  A recent alum of ABC’s cooking competition show,  “The Taste”, with celebrity chef  judges Marcus Samuelsson, Nigella Lawson and Ludo Lefebvre, he was mentored by show creator Anthony Bourdain, helping him get to the competition’s semi-finals . He is the host of five upcoming episodes of Vice Network’s series “Munchies”. When he is not throwing his wildly popular pop-up brunch, Morning Star Café, on Seattle’s south, side he holds culinary skills workshops for children ages 7-14. He will be traveling to Morocco in May to cull menu inspiration, taste wines and buy spices for the event!

A former Black Panther Party chairman, Elaine Brown has been committed to and organized significant efforts towards effecting progressive change in the United States, for the last four decades.  She has founded 4 organizations; authored four books (two to be published this year) and released two vocal music albums.  She is currently organizing a re-entry project in Alameda County California for formerly incarcerated youth, focused on developing cooperative business enterprises.

$50 Early Bird Admission

To donate to ANV, go to:

Volunteer and sponsorship opportunities are available. For more event information please contact ANV at or 510.972.3276(FARM).

Why I Give… By Husniyah McLeod

Donate to Acta Non Verba and help us make more smiles in East Oakland!
Donate to Acta Non Verba and help us make more smiles in East Oakland!

My name is Husniyah McLeod, and my son is Amir age 9 .

My family and I have been living here at Tassafaronga for a little over three years now. I’ve always walked by the farm and wanted to go inside and pick some veggies but was too afraid. Then, about a year ago, I got a knock on my door! It was Miss Kelly inviting me and my family to come join the farm. From that day forward I’ve been coming with my son Amir.

Back in late November of 2013, I saw Miss. Kelly at the farm, I hobbled in and asked her if she knew of any herbs I could take too help progress my labor with my daughter. Sure enough she did. About two and half days later my daughter Amiylah was born.

So with that being said one could see just how much ANV Farm means to me and my family. Not only that but Miss. Kelly provides the community with a breath of fresh air. Not just for the children but the parents, grandparents, families and etc.

My son Amir loves going to the farm and helping out all the time. He really has gained a good relationship and bond with intern Brian.

He also loves all of the camps and all the fun and educational things Miss Kelly and the other ANV staff provide. Me myself have also gained a good bond with the children of Camp ANV and at the farm.

Me and my family look forward to staying in involved with ANV’s Farm ANV in the future. I personally LOVE the whole ANV family and what it stands for in our Community.

Please, take a moment to donate at least $50 to help Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project continue it’s Mission!

Support Youth Nutrition and Empowerment by Donating Here!

Support Youth Nutrition and Empowerment by Donating Here!


Husniyah McLeod

#CampANV Parent

Why I Give… By Althea Raiford

Why do I Give?

I give to ANV because everyday I see my future in a child’s eyes.

Donate to Acta Non Verba and help us make more smiles in East Oakland!
Donate to Acta Non Verba and help us make more smiles in East Oakland!

People always say invest in your future so you have what you need when you get older. The children in our communities are our future! If not me then who? If now now then when? Time waits for no one….I give because I want to invest in my future, their future… OUR FUTURE!

ANV plays a crucial part in that investment! Every child in the program gains a new understanding for what they are capable of creating. They learn that “limitation” is only a word. That the limit to their success is set by their desire to grow and achieve their dreams.

They see the value of work and saving for the next day. They gain an understanding of how food fuels their body and the economy. ANV is a light that shows them a new way to reach goals and dreams!

Please, take a moment to donate at least $50 to help Acta Non

Support Youth Nutrition and Empowerment by Donating Here!
Support Youth Nutrition and Empowerment by Donating Here!

Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project continue it’s mission of providing a safe place for East Oakland youth.


Althea Raiford

#TeamANV Supporter

“Why I Give…” – Kim Hayes


I give to ANV because it offers a wonderful, loving, safe space for children, many of whom have few options in terms of educational enrichment during school breaks. The children are well-loved and held to high behavioral standards, which pays off — their happiness is evident.

ANV connects the children to something positive. Many of these children are dealing with the neighborhood’s trauma – whether it be crime, pollution, economic hardship. ANV offers them educational and emotional enrichment, opens their eyes to possibilities and shows them that they matter.

Please, take a moment to  donate at least $50 to help Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project continue it’s mission of providing a safe place for East Oakland youth.

-Kim Hayes
#CampANV Mom

“Why I Give…” -Stephanie Radbill

Why I Give…

Stephanie Radbill  ANV Board Member
Stephanie Radbill
ANV Board Member

Acta Non Verba works tirelessly to address issues of food justice in East Oakland. Whether it’s educating children about healthy eating, teaching community gardeners how to grow their own food or hosting engaging workshops and field trips at the farm, Acta Non Verba empowers the East Oakland community to be healthier and happier.

Children who attend camp ANV are challenged to try all sorts of new things, from growing and cooking food, to dancing and playing the violin. And it’s out on the farm that they really come alive: the children plan, plant and harvest the summer’s produce, and ANV staff then sells it to the community through a weekly farm stand and CSA. Acta Non Verba recognizes that children with savings accounts are seven times more likely to attend college, so proceeds from the farm stand and CSA go to individual savings accounts for the children. 

Not only do I believe in Acta Non Verba’s mission, but I have witnessed their impact, and it’s powerful. I am so proud to support the programs at ANV that build a more just food system for residents of East Oakland.” 

Every Dollar Donated to ANV Ensures a Brighter Future for Children in East Oakland.
Every Dollar Donated to ANV Ensures a Brighter Future for Children in East Oakland.

Please, take a moment to donate at least $50 to help Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project continue it’s mission of providing a safe place for East Oakland youth.


Stephanie Radbill

ANV Board Member

Sponsor a Child to Attend Camp ANV!


Donate A Campership – Change a Life!

(All of that, for just $100!)

Oakland Parks and Recreation (OPR) and ANV’s spring and summer day camps are ALWAYS a resounding success last year, over 160 children in attended!

Well, now, were’re back for 2015! This amazing partnership will be offering CampANV’s Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter camp AGAIN!!

Beginning April 6-10 from 7:30 am- 6:00 pm, kids will have a ball with the theme: “Cultures in Our Communities”!

Breakfast, lunch and snack are all home cooked using produce from our farm and provided to the kids, free w/ the registration fee of just $100!

Your donation of just $100 will provide a campership to one of our farm rockstars!

From a parent:

ANV is just wonderful!  My kids would come home excited about their daily activities whether it was cooking or working in the community gardens (my son did not touch a veggie before ANV). 

The instruction they receive will follow them thru their lives, they became aware of the nutrition they need, from cooking to cultivating.

Thank you ANV for coming to our community!

-Esperanza M. (Miguel and Maribel’s mom)!

Please consider sponsoring a child today!

And remember, “It’s YOU that put the YOUTH in ANV’s Youth Urban Farm Project!”


Acta Non Verba Honored at The White House!!

Executive Director Kelly Carlisle sits next to President Barack Obama at the White House!
Executive Director Kelly Carlisle sits next to President Barack Obama at the White House!

Check out the White House Blog about this!

President Obama Hosts Iftar Dinner at the White House

President Obama hosts 2014 Iftar dinnerPresident Barack Obama hosts an Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan in the State Dining Room of the White House, July 14, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

Last night, President Obama hosted his sixth Iftar dinner celebrating Ramadan at the White House, an annual tradition started by First Lady Hillary Clinton when she hosted a Ramadan Eid celebration dinner in 1996. Many consider President Thomas Jefferson to be the first President to host an Iftar dinner, as he hosted a sunset dinner to accommodate the fasts of an envoy from Tunisia over 200 years ago.

The Iftar is the meal after sunset that concludes the day of fasting during the month of Ramadan, a time to pray and reflect, to be reminded that we are equals in humanity, and to reaffirm commitments to helping the less fortunate, including those struggling from economic hardship and inequality.

Last night, guests were welcomed into the East Wing where a copy of the Quran owned by President Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the United States, was on display from the Library of Congress. At sunset, guests gathered in the Grand Foyer to break their fast with a date following the traditional melodic Muslim call to prayer led by a local student from the University of Maryland. Then finally, after a 16-hour day of fasting since sunrise, guests gathered in the State Dining Room for a halal meal with the President.

President Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran on display for guests attending the White House IftarPresident Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran on display for guests attending the White House Iftar. (Photo by Jill DeWitt of the Curator’s Office)

Among attendees were members of the diplomatic corps, White House administration officials, U.S. Government staff, elected officials, and Muslim Americans who have been doing great work to strengthen the fabric and prosperity of our nation. This year’s Iftar celebrated Muslim Americans working tirelessly to fight income inequality by creating opportunities for access, whether through education, health, food security, or at-risk youth development.

Among those at the President’s table was Kelly Carlisle, a former member of the Navy who leads an urban farming program where at-risk children grow and sell fresh food to eat healthier and deposit the profits they earn into individual savings accounts to build toward a better future.

Aala Muhammed’s parents emigrated from Sudan and worked several jobs to send her to a good high school in Chicago, but her hopes of going to college faced financial challenges. With the help of a nonprofit that focuses on young people, she earned admissions to Yale University and now runs her own program to encourage girls of color to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

Also seated with the President was Muhammed Chaudhry, who runs a foundation that works with schools, parents, and local IT startups to better prepare students to embrace science and math and find creative ways to keep academic enrichment programs going for low-income students in the face of summer program budget cuts.

During his remarks, the President thanked the Muslim community for the contributions they’ve made to create opportunities for those who lack access. No matter our faith, race or gender, we are equals in humanity.

Tonight we reaffirm a simple truth.  Fundamental to the character of our country is our freedom of religion — the right to practice our faith as we choose, to change our faith if we choose, or to practice no faith at all and to do all this free from fear of.  All of us are deserving of an equal opportunity to thrive — no matter who we are, what we look like, what we believe, or how we pray.  And all of us have an obligation to do our part — to help others overcome barriers, to reverse the injustice of inequality and to help more of our fellow citizens share in the promise of America.

In Islam, there is a hadith that says God helps the servant as long as the servant helps his brother.  In other words, we’re summoned to serve and lift up one another, and that’s the lesson of several of our guests here tonight.

President Obama also wished Muslim Americans and Muslims all around the world a blessed Ramadan.

Read the President’s Ramadan statement here.


ANV and OPR’s Summer Day Camp 2014

Fairyland pic

Acta Non Verba’s and OPR’s Summer Break Day Camp at Tassafaronga June 16- August 15

NOW Accepting Applications!

Check out our E-Flyer HERE!

Acta Non Verba (ANV) and Oakland Parks and Recreation (OPR) are teaming up again to bring Action, Education, Excitement and FUN to your children this SUMMER!

Join us this Summer for Art Projects, Storytelling, Reading, Games, Overnight Camping and MORE!!

And at just $10 per Day, it cant be beat!

Get the application HERE!

(Session 1) June 16-July 11 (7am-6pm) (Session 2) July 21-August 15 (7am-6pm)

Thomas Raising Friends

For just $10 per day*, your child will receive:

Breakfast, Lunch and a Snack

Field Trip Admission and Transportation

Art, Culinary, Fitness, and Gardening activities

A Safe, Clean, EDUCATIONAL place to GROW!

…AND a TON of FUN!!


Think You’re Ready? Find the Application in English and Spanish HERE.