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Thanks to your generosity, this year over 300 youth found employment, fun, and education through Acta Non Verba’s programs! With your help, many of our youth have found new interests, passions, and empowerment to try new things. On behalf of all of the youth and families we serve, thank you for believing in their future and Acta Non Verba’s mission to elevate life in East Oakland.

A Message From Executive Director, Kelly D. Carlisle

I want to share the story of a young woman who has inspired me for the last 11 years, Ms. Tariyah. 

Tariyah has been a part of the ANV Family since our founding when she was just 3 years old!

Thanks to donations from supporters just like you, Tariyah started as one of our first, youngest campers, and has progressed through our programs since then.


You can Help Tariyah ‘Lift as she Climbs’ by Donating Today!

It has always been ANV’s mission to advance the lives and quality of life for young people like Tariyah, and we are so very honored with her commitment in doing the same for her peers and community.

One of my favorite memories of Tariyah is passing by her and her family at camp when she was 5 and just starting as a “Little Seed” camper. I waved to her and when asked who I was, she said: “That’s Ms. Kelly. She’s my best friend.” I have rarely felt so deeply touched in my life.

From a Little Seed camper, to a Leader In Training (LiT), Tariyah has been an advocate for her peers in our programs, inspiring us to do more, learn more, and to bring the best of everyone and every thing to Acta Non Verba. 

Recently, I asked Tariyah what her favorite activity at Camp ANV was when she was a camper. “I think martial arts was my favorite when I was younger, but I think the thing that I’ll use most when I get older is gardening – how to nurture the plants and how long it takes to grow vegetables. I want to have a garden when I’m an adult.”

We are so grateful to have Tariyah, now a paid Junior Counselor (JC) at Camp ANV, as 

well as supporters like you making stories like these a reality for young people who are so full of potential.

14 year old Tariyah says that she wants to be a pediatrician or an actor when she grows up. When asked what it was like being a Jr. Counselor – her first job – this summer, she said that it was nice to be on the other side of camp and seeing the staff’s point of view. She says that she made good money and learned that it’s harder than she thought to work with kids and the patience that one has to have with them. 

Through our mandatory career planning workshops, Tariyah says she learned important job skills and how to save money.

Tariyah says: “Because of Camp ANV, I’ve learned how to grow vegetables and young minds.

As we embark on our ten year anniversary of Camp ANV, our goal is to provide care for even more young people in and around East Oakland neighborhoods. It is our hope to raise $40,000 by December 31, and we need your help to reach this goal!

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We’re reaching out to you because like us, you believe that every child has the right to a childhood where they can explore, learn, and grow. 

With your support, we can impact our community in a lasting way.

ANV just received a matching grant of $20,000 to purchase a 15 passenger commuter van to transport our After School Program students as well as our Middle and High School School LiT/ Jr. Counselor participants to leadership training, conferences and of course FUN field trips! 

Please join us by making your gift on our online donation form or by sending a check in the enclosed envelope. The possibilities for our young people are endless.

Please donate what you can to help ANV continue to Lift as We Climb!

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Warmest regards,

Kelly D. Carlisle

Founder/Executive Director

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project

P.S. Tariyah is just ONE of the many outstanding youth who have been lifted as ANV climbs! We plan to highlight more stories of our youth as we get closer to Camp ANV’s 10 Year Anniversary!