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As time goes by and the young-stars that ANV started serving when they were in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade are now being hired by Camp ANV and paid a LIVING wage, I’ve popped my head out of the proverbial sand – that is: my focus on farming and the kids – to notice and recognize the way that this country and society treats Black and Brown women. Mommies (and GRAND Mommies) in particular.

I know first hand the struggles of working mommies of color in America.

The long hours to show “loyalty” to a company, the constant pressure to be and do all of the things. To be STRONG but also to be VULNERABLE. To stand up as a child’s — MY Child’s — biggest advocate AND to try not to raise a monster.   

Being undervalued at the same time as carrying the heaviest burdens.

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And so, way back in 2018, I met one of the greatest, strongest, loving women on this planet: Ms. Joyce Powell!

Recently, Ms. Joyce and I connected for a quick interview. And it HAD to be QUICK — Ms. Joyce has 17 grandbabies, the youngest of whom is 4 months old!

I asked Ms. Joyce what is it that has her bringing her grandchildren to Camp ANV each year and this is what she told me: 

“Camp ANV is like a second family to us. It has helped me relax and I’ve seen my grandbabies learn and grow and spread the news to their friends! They’re trying to get kids from Modesto out to Oakland for Camp!”

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My grandson moved to a different state and every school break calls me and BEGS to come back for Camp!

My top three favorite things about Camp ANV? 

  1. Care: You all care for the WHOLE child. Your focus on literacy when you found out how behind community kids are was amazing. It filled my heart to know that YOU were paying attention to the kids as individuals and wanting to make sure that this IMPORTANT skill is being uplifted at camp!

  2. Safety: It’s not just me! Other families have noticed the work you all do to keep our babies safe! We see you ANV!

  3. Activities: I love that camp sneaks skills that the kids will use for life in all of the fun activities that you all do! From Science, Cooking, Archery and of course the writing club!

My number one hope for ANV is that you all can find a beautiful Forever Home… At Mills or somewhere like it! I hope that it’s in East Oakland and able to serve ALL children.”

We do too Ms. Joyce; your grandbabies, their families, and the community at large are worth our very best and ANV is committed to providing exactly that.

Forever if we can. 💜

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Warmest regards,

Kelly D. Carlisle

Founder/Executive Director

Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project

P.S. Tariyah is just ONE of the many outstanding youth who have been lifted as ANV climbs! We plan to highlight more stories of our youth as we get closer to Camp ANV’s 10 Year Anniversary!