Community Testimonials

ANV@Tassa Testimonials


Mr. Andre (Community Elder -83rd Ave)

“This garden means to me: sheer beauty and love. It belongs to the community and I love being a part of this. But I give all praise from my heart (to) Ms. Kelly (for) doing all that she (does) and more. Hip, Hip, Hooray for the garden and Ms. Kelly!”

Mr. Edgar (Works in Tassafaronga Village)

“I have been working here for three years and I love having the garden here! It saves me a trip to the grocery store and I don’t have to buy anything at the liquor store on break, I can just pick some fruit.”


Ms. Victoria (Community Member -83rd Ave)

“I am a resident of Tassafaronga Village. I love what Kelly and her team does in the garden. I think she is a very special person.”


Ms. Tiffany (Participant Parent -83rd Ave)

“During the summer, the garden provided a program which gave my child the opportunity to learn about how to grow vegetables in different (seasons). Also, it helps my family eat healthy by being able to have access to vegetables in my community. It motivated me to learn how to prepare greens as a side.”




Ms. Diana (Community Elder -83rd Ave)

“Thank you for bringing the garden to our community it is a wonderful thing.”


Ms. Erika (Community Elder -83rd Ave)

“I moved to Tassafaronga last year in November. I noticed the garden in the park and thought it looked very beautiful- most of all because it was for the community. Since I started eating healthy, meaning eating plenty of vegetables, ANV@Tassa has helped me a lot. My health is so much better now, I no longer take diabetes medication, my blood pressure is so good, my doctor is shocked. I am so glad I got to met Ms. Kelly the gardener. She showed me around I was so thrilled to see so much variety of vegetables and fruits. I thank God she is so dedicated to our community and our garden. I wish everyone would take advantage of the wonderful garden in our community.”

Mr. Gary (Community Elder -84th Ave)

“I’m James Gary, age 61. I’ve lived on 84th Ave for 32 years. The garden has been the best thing to happen around here. It brings people together that wouldn’t come together otherwise.

I’m retired and it gave me something to do and a way to meet and interact with my community.  [The garden] is a positive light [here] and very much appreciated.”

E- (Parent/Community Member -83rd Ave)


“I love this area of Tassa garden because it is a bittersweet memory for me. As a teen and young adult I used this area to sit and hang out  with friends and do drugs in this very spot.  So when I come here and see this beauty in front of me, then I know things change and grow just like I did.”

Ms. Monique (ANV@Tassa Parent/ Community Member -82nd Ave)


“This is my place to come for peace of mind, clear my head and relax. I come out to laugh with Ms. Kelly and to just get away for a little while.”

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