ACTa Up! Fitness Challenge

Acta Non Verba Is EXCITED to announce it’s latest pilot program- a 90 day fitness challenge in partnership with East Oakland Sports Center (EOSC)!

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Starting Tuesday, October 1st, our fitness pilot: “ACTa-Up, ACTa-Out, Acta Non Verba!” will start with an Orientation and a discussion of our participants goals.

Acta Non Verba has partnered with East Oakland Sports Center (EOSC) to run (LOL) a pilot program combining the organically grown produce at ANV @Tassafaronga with the fitness and wellness programs at EOSC. Standby for profiles of our participants, the activities we will be doing and our progress.

Who Is This “we”?

Well, In addition to local East Oakland community members, our Executive Director, Kelly Carlisle will be participating as well! Don’t worry, she is not eligible to win prizes…

What is the Challenge?

…To keep going. and record the physical and mental improvement the participants feel as the pilot continues.

Unlike many fitness challenges, our project does not focus on how many calories, pounds or dress sizes the participant drops. Instead, it focuses on how the commitment to improve and increase physical movement makes us better mothers, partners, and community members.

By removing the pressure of losing “weight”, we are increasing the likely-hood of community members re-investing in their health for the long haul.

How Will You Measure Success?

That is up to each individual participant!

Through various multimedia storytelling techniques including photo’s videos and blog posts, participants will be able to share their triumphs with you.

We are confident that the combination of group physical fitness and healthy food from the farm, we can measurably improve the quality of life for our participants!

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