Camp ANV

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Are you curious about what happens at Camp ANV? Well read on and we’ll de-mystify the mysterious!

Camp ANV places the utmost importance on the amount of time and the quality of the time our children spends outdoors. We offer day camps for spring and winter with full Camp ANV during the summer. All provide fun, hands-on health education and enriching activities far beyond what is typically available in the East Oakland area. The camps’ ultimate goal is to inspire campers to explore nature and find empowerment through outdoor education .

Since our founding in 2010, Camp ANV has inspired over 3,500 local, at-risk youth and families to focus on nutrition, sustainable living, and physical activities that promote wellness. During our 8-week summer camp, not only have we built in 9 hours per week of age appropriate training on our quarter acre farm; we also take two overnight camping trips visiting local farms and regional parks.These trips are a highlight for the children; most of whom have not experienced any thing like this.Camp ANV brings the neighborhood youth together around outdoor learning activities. Whether it is learning conservation, beekeeping or a hike and camping trip, we want to not only engage our participants, but influence them toward a healthy lifestyle. We believe in a better future for Oakland’s youth.

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