Aaron De La Cerda

Farm Manager and Educator

Email: [email protected]

Aaron grew up in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley where at a young age he discovered his passion for horticulture and growing his own food. He used his green thumb to educate himself and his friends and family on how to grow and harvest their own food right at home.

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While attending UC Merced Aaron got involved with community outreach and initiatives addressing resource allocation. He also worked to increase access to fresh fruits by mapping and harvesting from local fruit trees and edible landscapes, then sharing with the individuals that needed food as well as the local food pantries. He relocated to East Oakland in 2013 to employ his knowledge of addressing social issues through educating youth around personal development, sustainability, and horticulture.

After completing Americorp service he continued to work with young people in Oakland; leading youth leadership trainings, piloting a credit recovery program for high school juniors, and managing a youth workforce development program in the form of landscape maintenance. He was also a member of the first East Oakland Innovators: a group of community members using an asset based approach and design thinking to address the challenges of the East Oakland.  He continues to help organize community outreach, research, and events.

Aaron is excited to be working with Acta Non Verba as the Farm Manager to educate K-8 youth and their families on methods and benefits of local and sustainable horticulture. It is his hope that every young person has an opportunity to participate in an outdoor classroom, to interact with the land, and contribute to the reclamation of local food systems.

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