On July 14, 2014, Acta Non Verba President and Founder Kelly Carlisle met President Barack Obama during an Iftar dinner in the State Dining Room of the White House.

While attending Rockwood Leadership Institute, Kelly made a friendly new connection that resulted in her meeting President Barack Obama! When asked about her take on the chance encounter Kelly explained, “Be nice to everyone you meet because you never know what amazing things can come of it.”

Before dining together and exchanging common stories of community organizing, the President shared his thoughts with his guests: “Kelly Carlisle served our country in the Navy…more recently, she founded Acta Non Verba … And in a tough part of Oakland, California, she started an urban farm where local children can grow and sell fresh food, which Michelle would appreciate very much… thanks to Kelly, these boys and girls are not only learning the value of hard work at an early age, they’re changing how they think about themselves and opening their minds to what’s possible in their lives.”

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