Diamond Allen

Diamond Allen was raised in Oakland, California. As a kid Diamond moved around the bay a lot but found his roots and a home in Oakland. Diamond is the oldest of 5 siblings, who are all a part of our camp family.

Diamond worked his first job ever with camp ANV when a friend of his thought it would be a great opportunity. Diamond found himself loving every aspect of camp and came back summer after summer for the next 5 years. While a part of ANV he was able to work closely with the youth as well as gain not only work experience but leadership experience as well.

As a camp counselor, Diamond quickly bonded with the youth, and it was apparent that he also enjoyed it. He would sing camp songs and get the kids excited for the day all while helping to ensure that camp ran smoothly. Growing up in Oakland himself, he was able to connect and relate to the youth which helped foster a great camp community. This experience allowed Diamond to have a direct impact on his community at a young age which only continued to grow and manifest himself in other ways as he grew older.

Diamond, along with his friend group and the help of his parents started a nonprofit organization in honor of his friend that died from gun violence. They were also able to hold community events and honor the life of his late friend.

Diamond will be graduating from Holy Names University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business with an emphasis in management and marketing. He is currently working at DocuSign as a Solutions Engineer. Diamond likes to think of himself as a young entrepreneur who is working to gain all the experience, he needs to one day become a venture capitalist for social impact. Diamond is excited to continue to have an impact on his community through doing his part on ANV’s board.

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