Renesha Westerfield

Renesha was raised in Diamond Bar, California in Los Angeles county.  Renesha moved to San Francisco to attend USF where she studied biology. After graduation Renesha began working for a workers compensation clinic during the 2008 recession and during this time she realized how unjust most working environments were and wanted to find ways to help employees get better access. 
After her time at the workers compensation clinic she began to work in low-income housing as an Assistant Administrator. While there she was able to work closely with the community and employees and that served them everyday. This experience sparked her desire to return to USF to get her Masters in Behavioral Health. 
While working on her Masters at USF Renesha had an internship at SFIHSS (San Francisco In Home Supportive Services) Public Authority. While at the Public Authority Renesha created the first ever needs assessment for employees. That assessment lead to a deeper understanding of how to support the employees at the Public Authority. After Renesha completed her Masters she became dedicated to helping and protecting employees. 
With a series of Human Resource roles that followed, Renesha eventually landed at job at Gaetani Real Estate as a Human Resource/ Payroll Manager. In this role she as been able to truly deepen her understanding of Human Resources and provide better programing that has increased the visibility and support of employees who are marginalized. Renesha has many years to go but is excited to learn all she can to better support employees throughout California. 

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