Camp ANV Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Camp ANV 2017's FAQ's
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

  1. Is There an Income Requirement/Maximum? Nope! Camp ANV accepts kids from any and all income levels!
  2. Can a Child Attend for Just One Week? Yes! But, your child must attend 4 weeks of camp during the 2017 season in order to qualify for our partnership with US Bank and open an Individual Development Account.
  3. What is your Camper/ Staff Ratio? We have 2 staff people for every 25 campers. 
  4. Are the Campers Separated by Age?Yes! However, because the age of our campers changes dramatiaclly each season, we divide the youth into even groups to be able to move them easily through the camp clubs.
  5. When Does the Overnight Camping Trip Happen? For Session I, the Overnight Camping Trip will be July 7th – 9th. We are working on the Camping Trip dates for Session II now!
  6. Is the Camp Staff Trained in First Aid and CPR? Yes! Everyone from our Counselors and Specialists to our Counselors-In-Training (CIT’s) and any consistent volunteers!
  7. Are Parents Allowed to Visit Camp? ABSOLUTELY!! We welcome family visits, helpers and chaperones at any time, on any day! 

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