Camp ANV #UnStungHero: Kahlil Johnson; Camp Director

Camp ANV #UnStungHero: Kahlil Johnson; Camp Director

Camp ANV’s #UnStungHeroes celebrates our camp staff and campers who have stood out this summer!

To kick it off, here is the FIRST of the UnStung: Kahlil Johnson -Camp ANV Camp Director!

Camp ANV: How many years have you worked at Camp ANV?

Kahlil Johnson: Three Years! My first two years were as a camp counselor and this is my first year as Camp Director.

Camp ANV: What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Kahlil Johnson: I love playing and watching basketball, reading books and I LOVE traveling all over the country and the world!

Camp ANV: What is your favorite place to travel?

Kahlil Johnson: My favorite place to travel to is Jamaica. My family is from Jamaica and it was really cool to visit! I got to see where my family’s culture comes from.

Camp ANV: What is your favorite age group to work with?

Kahlil Johnson: All of them! …but if I HAD to choose I would pick the younger campers. It’s just REALLY easy to make them happy! LOL! But the older ones sometimes have better conversation!

Camp: Big question — What does Camp ANV mean to you?

Kahlil: To me, it is a place for kids to come and feel safe with people they can rely on. Working with youth is self-rewarding. It’s not really like work.

Camp: Last question — How tall ARE you?! Lol!

Kahlil: Lol! I get that question ALL of the TIME! I am 6’7″.

Camp: Can you name four interesting things about yourself?

Kahlil: Ummm… my fingers are double jointed and can bend all types of weird ways. I’m the only one in my family not born in Jamaica. I played on the Cal Basketball team. I’m left handed.

Camp: Thanks so much for your time and for your care of our young ones Kahlil!

Kahlil: You’re welcome! It is my pleasure!

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