Camp ANV #UnStungHero: Monika Malone; Camp Counselor

Camp ANV #UnStungHero: Monika Malone; Camp Counselor

Camp ANV’s #UnStungHeroes celebrates our camp staff and campers who have stood out this summer!

The SECOND of the UnStung is: Monika Malone -Camp ANV Camp Counselor!

Camp ANV: How many years have you worked at Camp ANV?

Monika: This is my first season with Camp ANV! I LOVE IT!

Camp ANV: What are some of your hobbies or interests?

Monika: I like comedy and and action movies! I LOVED “The Incredibles 2”!

I also love spending time with my family doing anything! We talk, eat and like to watch Master Chef! Both of my sons are into Basketball and are great players! We love watching the Golden State Warriors games together!

Camp ANV: What is your favorite age group to work with?

Monika: I think the older group of the kids… The LIT’s (Leaders In Training) because they are more independent and I work at a high school, so I’m used to them! Plus, my sons are teenagers and I feel like I can relate to them more. Teens have a log going on in their lives and are easier to have a conversation with.

Camp: Big question — What does Camp ANV mean to you?

Monika: Camp ANV is a place where I feel like a part of a caring community. at Camp, I can work with kids in a fun environment while teaching them and also learning from them and the other staff.

Camp: Can you name four interesting things about yourself?

Monika: Let’s see… I am in school to become an Ethnic Studies Professor, I love birds and currently have two parakeets, I like to watch reality TV and I work on cars! Also… I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Oakland and I am raising my family here as well!

Camp: Thanks so much for your time Monika! We are so lucky to have you on our team!

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