Clif Stories: Dreams Grow on An Urban Farm

Acta Non Verba and our founder Kelly Carlisle were featured with our partners at Clif Bar in Clif Stories. Watch this awesome video and read about our amazing campers!

Clif Stories: Dreams Grow on An Urban Farm Full Post

Strolling past raised beds of peppers, strawberries, and five varieties of tomatoes—including an eye-catching black variety known as Indigo Apple—she stops at a pomegranate tree: “Each stamen dot will become a seed. This is my favorite plant.” Then she moves onward past a bright bed of sunflowers before stopping to admire neat rows of summer squash: “We grew them all from seed. I’m so proud of these.”

One thought on “Clif Stories: Dreams Grow on An Urban Farm

  1. August 20, 2018

    Dear Kelly,

    Jeff MItchell, UC Davis here. Video guy that came to visit you.

    I’m sending the W-9 form for the honorarium for you to the Acta Non Verba address on your website, right? I hope that is the right one.

    Thank you very much.


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