Mission & Vision

The East Oakland Grocery Cooperative (EOGC) is a community-developed grocery cooperative initiative that will equitably provide fresh, local and healthy foods and job opportunities to the Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) residents of East Oakland. 

The  community-owned grocery cooperative will: 1) operate a retail grocery store emphasizing healthy and culturally-recognizable foods and locally-made goods; 2) give support to local growers and producers; 3) provide members and fellow residents with food education; 4) create equitable job opportunities and a resilient economy; and 5) create pathways for intergenerational holistic healing and wellness.

A cooperatively-owned community grocery store will help to not only alleviate some of the challenges of sourcing local, healthy foods in East Oakland, but it will also retain local spending within the community, generate local ownership, and provide direct opportunities for the residents of East Oakland to fully benefit in the development of a sustainable model for meeting a critical community need.  Prioritizing and economically empowering East Oakland residents will establish a just transition from a disempowering and extractive food system and local economy into one where communities lead an intergenerational process in the development of cultural, ecological, economic, and spiritual regeneration and restoration. The EOGC will reenergize East Oakland’s community food culture to rebuild a nourishing food system for future generations to come.

The project is powered in partnership by the Founding Cohort, Acta Non Verba, Mandela Grocery Cooperative, Repaired Nations, and the East Oakland Community.

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Meet our Project Manager: Ayano Jeffers-Fabro!

We are so proud to announce that our AMAZING Office Manager, Ayano Jeffers- Fabro will be transitioning into the role of full time Project Manager for this AMBITIOUS endeavor! 

Over the past few of years, she has been working with ANV, deepening her roots and contributing to transformative community development initiatives in East Oakland. Now it’s time for HER to LEAD!  Over the next 12 months, Ayano will be developing the foundation for a cooperative, community-owned grocery store, and contribute to this movement of putting community resources back in community hands! Stay tuned for more exciting moves by Aya, our partners and of course our BRILLIANT community! 

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The East Oakland Grocery Cooperative is a project of Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV). As it is entering its 10th year of existence, ANV is embarking on a new project to continue food system revitalization and community building in East Oakland and beyond, by designing a worker-owned community grocery store. 

This project will not only build upon the existing food justice and farm education that ANV has done in the community, but allow the community members to take this knowledge and translate it to the ownership of a local business. 

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