Mission & Vision

“The DEEP is a worker-owned grocery cooperative dedicated to restoring East Oakland’s community through fresh organic produce, community education, and cooperative economics, prioritizing the wellbeing of Black and Brown people.”


  1. Pride: We take ownership of where we live and honor our role in the community that we serve.
  2. The Deep Community: We are dedicated to servicing the needs of residents and rooted Deep East Oakland members
  3. Accessibility: We provide fresh, local produce and food items that are organic and affordable.
  4. Legacy Building: We are changing the narrative of food apartheid by bringing a functional food and economic system to the hood. 
  5. Sustainability: We integrate 3 main goals of sustainable objectives – a healthy environment, economic profitability, and fair-trade.
  6. Education: We provide ourselves and our community with ongoing learning opportunities.
  7. Happiness: We create spaces for unapologetic Black and Brown joy.

Our work is proudly changing the narrative of food apartheid by bringing affordable, fair-trade, organic produce and a sustainable economy to Deep East Oakland residents. We are committed to creating spaces for learning, and unapologetic Black and Brown joy that transform our hood. 

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Meet our Founding Members!

The project is powered in partnership by the Founding Cohort, Acta Non Verba, Mandela Grocery Cooperative, Repaired Nations, and the East Oakland Community.

Drop a line and ask us more about the East Oakland Grocery Cooperative at admin@thedeepgrocerycoop.com

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The DEEP Grocery Cooperative is a project of Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV). This project will not only build upon the existing food justice and farm education that ANV has done in the community, but allow the community members to take this knowledge and translate it to the ownership of a local business.