You are cordially invited to become a Friend of the Farm!

With One Small Gift a Month, You Can Positively Impact the Health and Wellbeing of Oakland Families in Need. Your Donation Goes Towards: 

– Increasing fresh food accessibility to “Food Desert” neighborhoods

– Sustaining beautiful green spaces that serve as community hubs, education centers, and food producing farms

– Providing resources for urban youth to learn, play, grow, and develop important life skills such as financial literacy and gardening

– Helping Oakland Youth from low income families attend ANV Camps and After School Programs

– Creating safe spaces where Oakland youth can get homework help, learn about higher education opportunities, and develop marketable employment skills 


Your sustaining friendship helps ensure that Acta Non Verba continues its mission of elevating life in the inner city through urban farming.

ANV’s three farms located in the City of Oakland are planned, planted, harvested and sold by youth in grades K-8+. Not only does this allow young folks to learn how to grow and process healthy foods, but it also teaches them about finances, savings, and entrepreneurial skills.

100% of the profits from sales through youth-run farm stands and our BeetBox CSA program go into educational savings accounts for participants.

We rely on our community’s help to fund all our wonderful youth programs!

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Honey Made by Bees at ANV Farm @ Tassafaronga!

Friends receive:

  • Mailed monthly updates on ANV’s progress
  • First invitations to ANV’s special events
  • A special thank-you gift on each solstice and equinox (4 times per year) SPRING EQUINOX: March 20th, SUMMER SOLSTICE: June 21, FALL EQUINOX September 22, WINTER SOLSTICE December 21.

Your friendship supports the following:

Camp ANV – Our eight-week Summer Camp, and our Fall, Winter, and Spring school holiday camps offer:

-a safe space to learn the business of sustainable agriculture

Joe-Joe & Mustard Greens
Joe-Joe is taking charge of clearing this bed of mustard greens!

-activities that promote fitness, healthy cooking and eating
-the opportunity to complete arts, science, and reading projects
-financial literacy by depositing earnings from the harvest into bank accounts that can only be used by students for educational purposes.

Parent Brunch Cluban opportunity for campers’ parents to meet bi-monthly to socialize, discuss, and strategize for our community.

Community Field Trips – offering outdoor educational programs to children, students, and adults at our farm, and visits to regional and national parks, addressing barriers that keep community members from accessing their public outdoor spaces.

ANV After School Programserving local children ages 5-13 four days a week.

We have served more than 300 local youth and their families through camps and classes, and outreach including improving quality of life for more than 3,000 low-income youth and families through access to fresh produce, wellness education, nutrition and cooking classes, community building events, a CSA, and a food pantry.

ANV’s programs helps kids make friends for life!

“These boys and girls are not only learning the value of hard work at an early age, they’re changing how they think about themselves and opening their minds to what’s possible in their lives.”President Barack Obama, honoring ANV founder Kelly Carlisle at a White House dinner, July 2014

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Video By: Youth Beat: a non profit that offers free media training to Oakland youth through after school and in school programming.