Kirin Basra- 2020 Victory V. Lee Awardee Board Member of the Year

Kirin Basra

Kirin is a passionate and experienced Food Scientist with a demonstrated history of developing and commercializing nutritious products by combining creativity, culinary arts, and food technology to meet consumers dietary needs.  Kirin has worked in research and development roles with large corporations and independent entrepreneurs in multiple food categories — dairy beverages/powders, fermented foods, non-dairy alternatives, refrigerated entrees, and shelf-stable meal kits.  She currently works for Fonterra Cooperative Group, providing technical guidance to clients in the dairy industry.

Outside of work, Kirin focuses on identifying opportunities to serve the community through resolving issues related to food insecurity and teaching nutrition education to empower individuals to make healthier choices while remaining within their budget constraints.  She is currently studying Ayurveda, which is based on the philosophy that disease is due to an imbalance or stress in a person’s consciousness.  Through lifestyle changes and natural therapies, one can regain balance between the mind, body and spirit.  Kirin hopes to incorporate the practices of Ayurveda into programming for local community centers.

She is a Bay Area native, born and raised in Vallejo and resides in Oakland.  She spends her free time with family/friends, hiking and practicing yoga.

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