Meet Camp ANV ONLINE’s Wellness Coach: Kana Azhari (Coach Kay)

Wellness Coach – Kana Azhari!

Kana Azhari (Coach Kay) is a healing artist, organizer and vegan chef.  She loves working with young people and believes in the infinite value, beauty and greatness of their spirit. Coach Kay is constantly finding gratitude in daily meditation, healthy diet, fasting, culture, dance/ movement and relaxation.  She works professionally with clients from around the world to improve their diets, lifestyle choices and self care practices.

One thought on “Meet Camp ANV ONLINE’s Wellness Coach: Kana Azhari (Coach Kay)

  1. I am interested in yoga, meditation and diet and support from the african/african american community. I also have some knowledge and practice meditation occassionally looking for like minded blackpeople and someone to hire as a personal trainer.

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