Leaders In Training (LIT) Program:

The Leaders-in-Training (LIT) program is a leadership development program for middle school youth. At Acta Non Verba, we believe that every child is capable of leadership, and that being a leader means you must first lead yourself and learn to successfully take on opportunities and challenges in life. 

Through the LIT program, we aim to foster leadership and community engagement through cooperative learning. Leadership is more than giving others direction; it is a commitment to the prospering of one’s community, and a dedication to approaching self exploration and life’s challenges as opportunities for growth. Through this program, youth will develop both the people and technical skills necessary to become effective leaders within Camp ANV, their community, and the world!

The LITs actively participate in ANV’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, as well as plan, plant, harvest, and sell the fruits and veggies on ANV’s Tassafaronga Farm. Through this, they learn about how CSAs and access to fresh produce can contribute to a community’s resilience and growth. One of their biggest projects this year is to help ANV become a Zero-Waste Certified Organization, through which they will develop problem-solving, teamwork, and organizational skills. They also utilize a specialized curriculum created just for them that involves 1) learning skills for financial literacy, 2) creative activities such as writing and art, and 3) learning how to build, support, and sustain a community. 

Young people represent the future of our community. The LIT program is designed to support, encourage, and guide middle school youth to take on that future head on. We provide them with the tools to lead in actionable, concrete ways, trusting in their ability to lead their community towards a sustainable, resilient, joyful, and vibrant future. 

When & Where? 

LITs meet at Tassafaronga Recreation Center (975 85th Ave) on Wednesdays 2-6 pm, and at ANV’s Tassafaronga Farm on Saturdays 11 am – 5 pm.


On Saturdays, the LITs will rotate through different activities. The first Saturday of each month, they will help lead our Community Farm Day. On other Saturdays, they will travel to the Omni Commons in North Oakland to help pack our CSA and complete leadership training, or to Waterside Workshops in Berkeley to build a boat and work on team-building exercises.

On Wednesdays, they will stay at Tassafaronga Park & Recreation Center. They’ll receive homework tutoring, they’ll work on their Zero-Waste project, and they’ll get their bodies moving through sport.

Lunches and healthy snacks will be provided each day of the program!

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