Three Things We Learned About Farming And Each Other

Kelly: Hey Kaiyah, it’s the holidays so we should talk about why we are grateful to ANV and the communities we serve. Our work has taught us so many things abut ourselves and each other – and what community means to us and our campers.

Kai: Sure, I guess… But you know, I’m more of an “Acta” not a “Verba”. Hehehe

Kelly: *Rolling eyes* Right. Ok, so let’s talk it out. What are some things we’ve learned?
Kai (above left): I learned how similar people are to plants. Like their basic necessities. They need to feel comfortable and their behavior like, if you don’t pay attention to them they might die. But if you pay them a lot of attention, they will be fruitful and prosper.

Kelly: I get what you’re saying though… I’ve learned that YOU are a lot like a garden plant. I have to pay you a LOT of attention to make sure you are fruitful and prosper! That’s why I hire community members that know how to speak “kid” and give the attention the kids need to have and learn.

Kai: I am grateful for all of the good lessons I’ve learned from ANV. Like gardening is so much more than a chore or a hobby it has a meaning and the meaning is life so, I would say that ANV has taught me the meaning of life. But really, I learned that you’re more than just a mommy to me… You’re also a mommy to tomatoes and basil and greens… and other kids too.

Kelly: Yeah, sometimes I feel like I’m spread thin… but I know how important it is for kids to know not only where food comes from, but also that there is a place in the neighborhood where they are safe and can play without worrying about what’s happening outside our programs. I’ve learned that it really does take a village to make sure that every child has their best chance at having a good life.

Kai: I learned that I am more responsible than most adults think I am. Adults think that I’m just a little girl… Like, I can’t really do anything. But, when I’m farming, I can take care of a plant. And I don’t care what people think about me. It honestly empowers me, as a person. It makes me feel like I’m making a change in the community and I might be a little kid, but I know how to do this. I know how to grow food that my community can eat and grow strong!

Kelly: Yes! Seeing kids grow up and learn how to work with plants and community and have fun doing it inspires me too! I feel so great when kids are able to show their parents around the farm and how much pride they show in their accomplishments makes me so happy!

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Happy holidays from all of us in the ANV Family!

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